Johnny Marsh

Marsh Makes Better Baits

Marsh History

Johnny Marsh was born in Daytona Beach in 1914. As a kid, he had the fortune of being exposed to the process of making lures by helping Dick Porter of Porter Bait Company. He received Porter baits as payment for his labor. In or around 1950, Johnny was making his own bait which was a wood clothes pin bait.

The First Marsh Lures

The Marsh Marvel

In 1957, Johnny received a registered trademark #1,303,936 for Marsh Makes Better Baits.

In my opinion, the Marsh Marvel is the most collectible of his lures. These are baits were a two piece lure glued together and painted by Johnny himself and he was very talented with a air brush. Packaging was a two piece cardboard box with a red border and the words “MARSH MAKES BETTER BAITS” printed on the top.

For more information on the progression of this company see RATTALUR MFG.

Much of the information on this page was obtained by utilizing the information provided by Doug Brace, Bill Stuart, and Russell Riddle in “Florida Lure Makers and Their Lures” (Currently out of print). The information we have provided is only a portion of the story.  If interested in purchasing this book, please reach out to other collectors in our forum to inquire about availability.

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