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New Collection of Birds.....

Ed Bauries
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I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to purchase this collection yesterday. These lures are all from Burneys MFG. Mercer’s Water Turkeys... 1950’s Tampa, Florida. There are a few one of a kinds in this case. Also notice the original factory board. These were originally found by a friend of mine Jason Cobb. Jason purchased these from a newspaper lead over 18 years ago. These lures came directly from Burneys garage and storage units. The collection had changed hands in 2003 when Jason sold them to Dennis Mcnulty. Dennis gave them a good home for a long time. Now it’s my turn to care for these birds for a while. Thank you Judy for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this collection as much as Dennis did. 

Roth Kemper
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 Just picked this up recently

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Capt. Jim Strader counter display