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Eger Baby Teaser with "scent pads"

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Hello all, first off Ed congrats to you for a super reboot of this site, I'm really enjoying it!

So, here's that bait I showed you at Nats...its clearly an Eger Baby Teaser.  But the "story" I got from the guy who sold it to me was that its a factory prototype with pads inset on either side to absorb an attractant.  

The pads are embedded and look like they are intended to be there and not just stuck on the surface by a fisherman.  The wood edges & varnish look undisturbed.

Has anyone else heard of Eger experimenting with this?




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Scott, It was so nice to finally meet you in person. We had an amazing time in Lancaster. 

I am happy that you have joined 

We are thankful for the knowledge and intrrrsting topics that you will bring to our visitors. 

Your Eger is a great bait. I have only seen this one example of this, thank you for letting me examine it in person. This rare Eger is sure to get lots of attention here. 

Again, great to finally meet you and welcome to the site. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying it. Ed