Florida Artifical Bait Company

Superstrike Shrimp – Dr. Henry C. Farrin – Born August 19 – 1883 – Kissimmee, FL

Superstrike History

The story behind his developing the first model of the SuperStrike Shrimp is an odd one but leaves you to wonder. Inspiration for the lures apparently came back in the 1920’s from a man testing an airplane of sorts that was covered with what I can imagine is feathers made of Pyralin / Celluloid and motorized by a bicycle or peddling apparatus. He must have gotten it off the ground because after it crashed Henry Farrin purchased the remains of the plane. Being a dentist as he was makes you wonder why he would invest in this item in the first place? I have done some research to find out more information on the plane and so far come up empty and will continue that search. George R. Ettles his brother-in-law was to have taken over the operation of making the final product and started the company.

Florida Artificial Bait Company – Superstrike

Filed August 7, 1928 Received February 10, 1931
PATENT # 1,792,366
SERIAL # 298,030

The patent for the trademark was filed to the Brother-In-Law George R. Ettles and not Henry Farrin. George is listed as the inventor on the patent.

The Superstrike Shrimp was first offered in two sizes and two colors and available in 4 weights. The 5 inch was available in 1/2 and 3/4 ounce and the 4 inch was 3/8 and 5/8 ounces. In 1932, a third size was offered and was a 3 inch model.

(Fig 3) is the patient design showing the shapes of the different segments. This lure is basically a chain with the line tie on one end and the hook on the other. Each segment cut and painted and assembled with brass cotter pins and brass grommets.

(Fig. 3)

Packaging was a series of two piece cardboard boxes with the earliest having a drawing of a shrimp. Box was marked Florida Artificial Bait Co. and a later box showing the actual picture of the bait on the top.

Sometime in 1930, George Ettles moved to Miami, Florida and took the Florida Artificial Bait Company with him. There were 3 other lures available after this move. The semi-solid Shrimp , A Pier Minnow and a SuperStrike Mullet.


Much of the information on this page was obtained by utilizing the information provided by Doug Brace, Bill Stuart, and Russell Riddle in “Florida Lure Makers and Their Lures” (Currently out of print). The information we have provided is only a portion of the story.  If interested in purchasing this book, please reach out to other collectors in our forum to inquire about availability.

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