Dr. Carle T. Elkins

Saint Augustine, FL – 1930’s

Dr. Elkins History

Dr. Elkins was a dentist in St. Augustine, Florida and in the 1930’s helped Bert Hernandez Sr. make his early plastic lure molds out of dental molds. Later Dr. Elkins made some for himself that were the Swimming Minnow type as well as some metal squid types. Dr. Elkins liked to call his lures Mae West’s after the famous actress because of the hump shape. Below is a picture of Dr. Elkins Pier Bait Molds, Sinker Mold, his paint kit and some Squiders.

Elkins Molds, etc.

Elkins Box

Much of the information on this page was obtained by utilizing the information provided by Doug Brace, Bill Stuart, and Russell Riddle in “Florida Lure Makers and Their Lures” (Currently out of print). The information we have provided is only a portion of the story.  If interested in purchasing this book, please reach out to other collectors in our forum to inquire about availability.

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