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Welcome to OldFloridaLures.com. We have compiled as much information as possible about Florida antique fishing lure makers for you to browse. We take pride in offering a knowledge empowering tool for you no matter if you plan to sell your old lures or begin collecting them. There are many pages on this site that are dedicated to some of the major collectible antique fishing lure manufacturers from Florida, kind and knowledgeable collectors of those manufacturers, and helpful links to some great sites that contain even more information regarding antique fishing lures. Many of these Florida lure manufacturers are highly collectible and sought after.


With well over 350 known Florida lure makers, this site has highlighted some of the major collectible manufacturers such as Jim Pfeffer lures, Eger Bait Company, Bagley Bait Company as well as many others.  We encourage you to get as much education about your antique fishing lures as possible using the site as a one stop resource.  At the top of the screen, you will find a tool bar that makes navigating the site easier.  If you have more questions, do not find the information you are looking for, or would like to chat more about collectible Florida lures be sure to check out our easy to use forums as well.  There you will find people who have antique fishing lures and antique fishing items that will either be for sale or trade as well as important information that you can use to identify and learn about your antique lures.  We encourage you to use the forum to your advantage!



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